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Tips For Partners To Bond W/ Baby:

  1. to skin during first 15 mins if possible

  2. 2.Sing or hum.  Babies learn more quickly through music than they do with speech.  They love patterns.

  3. 3.Make faces.  Your baby will attempt to imitate your facial expressions early on.  C’mon nobody is watching. 

  4. 4.Get in close.  Make eye contact with your newborn at more than 8-10 inches away while talking to them.  Time to put a face to that voice.

  5. 5.Communication. mimic the sounds your baby makes.

  6. 6.Switch it up. Hold your baby with different arms to stimulate different tactile senses.

  7. 7.Like nobody is watching. Dance with your baby securely nuzzled into your chest.

  8. 8.Infant Massages. Massage with a light plant based oil.

  9. 9.Bath. Tubby time is fun!

Sleep Tips For Newborn:

Establish a bedtime routine as soon as possible.  That doesn’t mean your baby will fall asleep at bedtime.  At this point you are only trying to get your newborn to eventually realize there is a difference in the house when the sun goes down.  Every baby is different, trust yourself.  Parents tend to wait too long to establish a routine.  70% of young children have trouble sleeping.

  1. baby down before they are tired

  2. 2.turn off all lights at night

  3. 3.same sleep space at night

  4. not overfeed before bed

  5. 5.clean/fed/burped

  6. 6.make racket during day

  7. 7.bright lights off or dimmed

  8. 8.switch up sleep places during the day

  9. 9.fresh air every day - the longer the better

  10. 10.respond quickly

  11. 11.have confidence - your baby knows you better than you think